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Stanford Health Policy's Vincent Jappah in Nepal for medical research.

Health Policy PhD Candidate Vincent Jappah Overcomes Childhood Amid Civil War Through His Determination To Get an Education

Q&As / May 5, 2022
From education in displaced persons camps to working on his PhD at Stanford Health Policy, Vincent Jappah is applying his childhood experiences during the civil war in his native Liberia toward a career helping to bring quality health care to all corners of the world.
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A West African woman in a mask sells vegetables at a market.

How Has Africa Largely Evaded the COVID-19 Pandemic?

News / April 27, 2022
SHP master's student Tofunmi Omiye looked at why so few Africans have been hit by the coronavirus compared to the rest of the world. He recently presented this conundrum at Stanford’s 8th Annual Global Health Research Convening.
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Fake or Fact news on coronavirus

Does Free Speech Protect COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation?

Q&As / April 22, 2022
While some might say making or spreading known false statements related to the COVID-19 vaccine should be criminalized, the First Amendment, which guarantees free speech, continues to provide protection for people who promulgate such faulty information. So, how can the spread of misinformation be stopped without quashing free speech?
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Two old men

Education Level Will Widen Disparity in Health Outcomes of the Future Elderly Population, New Study Projects

News / April 11, 2022
In the first study to compare the progression of educational disparities in disability across two rapidly aging Asian societies, APARC coauthors Cynthia Chen and Karen Eggleston project that from 2015 to 2050, elders with high educational attainment will have a lower prevalence of functional disability and chronic conditions compared to elderly with low educational attainment.
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Getty-CA Handguns

Californians Living with Handgun Owners Twice as Likely to Die by Homicide

News / April 4, 2022
In the largest cohort study of its kind, research led by SHP's David Studdert and Yifan Zhang shows that people living with handgun owners are significantly more likely to die by homicide compared with neighbors in gun-free homes.
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Dr. Utibe Essien

Pursuing Equity in Pharmacology for Black Patients

News / March 31, 2022
Our recent Health Equity Lecture was given Dr. Utibe Essien, who is on a mission to ensure patients — regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status — have access to the highest-quality medications on the market.
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Paul Wise and Ukrainian families with child cancer patients

Paul Wise in Poland to Help Child Cancer Patients Fleeing Ukraine

Q&As / March 24, 2022
SHP's Paul Wise returns from Poland where he was helping coordinate the evacuation of child cancer patients from Ukraine in an effort to get them to appropriate medical care facilities in other countries.
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An illustration of an award

A Commentary on Countering Faulty Science Wins Award

News / March 23, 2022
Michelle Mello and Stanford colleagues win an annual award by the ABIM Foundation for a commentary that argued academics have an obligation to speak out against medical views that are contrary to science.
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Adorable Girl with T-shirt "Future Leader"

Adversity and Opportunity—The Pandemic’s Paradoxical Effect on Child Health and Well-Being

Commentary / March 18, 2022
In this JAMA Pediatrics commentary, Paul Wise and Lisa Chamberlain write the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered emergency policy responses that have cut through years of muddled inaction on issues critical to child health and well-being.
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California Department of Corrections

CA Prison Staff Have Lower Vaccine Rates Than Those They Oversee

News / March 18, 2022
Prisons and jails are high-risk environments for the spread of COVID-19, but many California prison staff are declining to be vaccinated even as new variants threaten another U.S. surge.
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A family enjoys a sunset

The Real Benefits of Paid Family Leave

Q&As / March 9, 2022
Paid family leave is not a “silver bullet” for advancing gender equity in the workplace, says Maya Rossin-Slater, but it is beneficial for family health and well-being outcomes, particularly infant and maternal health and overall financial stability.
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Health Law Illustration

U.S. Public Health Law — Foundations and Emerging Shifts

Commentary / February 26, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has focused attention on the complex and sometimes conflicting relationship between individual rights and public health protection.
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Cathedral of Florence from Piazza Michelangelo

SHP Profs Weave Pandemic into Their Bing Overseas Classes

News / February 17, 2022
Stanford Health Policy's Mark Hlatky and Loren Baker spent the Fall term teaching Stanford students in Florence and Paris. They tell us how they weaved COVID into their classes — and what it was like to be in these iconic cities during the pandemic.
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Hospital emergency

Veterans Rushed to VA Hospitals Have Significantly Better Outcomes

News / February 16, 2022
New research led by Stanford Health Policy's David Chan and David Studdert finds that veterans rushed by ambulance to VA hospitals have significantly higher survival rates than veterans transported to non-VA hospitals. The public often perceives that the VA provides a lower quality of care, but the researchers say the data disprove those perceptions.
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Illustration of kidneys

Chronic Kidney Disease Now Has Powerful, Cost-Effective Treatment

News / February 9, 2022
Chronic kidney disease affects one-in-seven adults and is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. A new Stanford-led study now provides clinicians with a powerful, cost-effective treatment for their patients with renal disease.
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Supreme Court

A Look at the Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccination Mandates

Q&As / January 14, 2022
Two Stanford law, labor and health experts explain the legal and health implications of the Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for large companies, while upholding another federal regulation calling on health-care workers in federally funded facilities to be vaccinated.
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PretermConnect Digital

Preventing Preterm Deliveries Using a Digital Approach

News / December 15, 2021
SHP researchers awarded grant to continue their clinical trial testing out a digital app they hope will prevent preterm births.
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Kaylynn Purdy and Brother Blake

Health Policy Student: My Brother’s Death Is Not a Statistic

Commentary / November 30, 2021
After Kaylynn Purdy lost her older brother to a drug overdose, she chose to write about his death to highlight the human faces behind the opioid epidemic both in Canada and here in the United States.
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A father with his son and daughter (paid family leave)

New Study Shows Support for Paid Family Leave Grew During Pandemic

News / November 18, 2021
In a blow to arguments that a federal paid leave law would harm small businesses, a new study co-authored by SHP's Maya Rossin-Slater finds that support for paid leave among small employers is not only strong, but also increased as the pandemic added new strain to the work-life juggle.
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Diversity Illustration

The Department of Health Policy's Inaugural Health Equity Panel

News / November 2, 2021
Panelists for the Department of Health Policy's inaugural Health Equity Panel discuss the health disparities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as families and health and consequences from lack of gender equity, and the impact of Medicaid on access to care, insurance coverage, racial disparities and maternal and infant health. Panel video is embedded in this story.
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Christmas decorations in Mexico City

COVID-19 and End-of-Year Holiday Gatherings in Mexico City

News / October 29, 2021
Mexico City was hit hard by COVID-19 at the end of 2020, which may have been due in part to big holiday gatherings and public festivals. The SHP modeling team is warning that the sprawling metropolitan area could face another winter surge — by offering evidence of how the numbers spiked after the holidays and into the new year.
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Illustration of a masks and law

The Political and Judicial Battles Over Mask Mandates for Schools

Commentary / October 28, 2021
Litigation over mask mandates takes a bizarre turn after political leaders in eight states introduce bans on mask requirements. Some state bans apply only to mandates adopted by school districts; others are broader. In this JAMA Health Forum viewpoint, health law experts Michelle Mello and David Studdert look at the various lawsuits, court rulings — and possible solutions.
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COVID-19 mask graffiti

Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccine in One California Prison

News / October 20, 2021
The latest study by the Stanford Health Policy COVID-19 modeling team shows that vaccination continues to provide powerful protection from the delta variant, even among people who have been infected before.
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COVID-19 disparities illustration

Stanford Researchers Document Progress, Missed Opportunities in Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

News / October 20, 2021
Unequal COVID-19 vaccination rates in the United States have compounded existing disparities in cases, hospitalizations and deaths among Black and Hispanic populations. SHP researchers quantify how differential vaccine uptake by race and ethnicity within each US state produced substantial vaccination coverage disparities during the initial scale-up among older adults.
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Stock photo of a physician

For Doctors, Taking Medical Advice Is Sometimes a Hard Pill to Swallow

News / October 12, 2021
Doctors often complain that patients don’t follow instructions. But when it comes to their own medical care, physicians do not necessarily do a better job than their patients.
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