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nathan dumlao ewgmqs2tmji unsplash 2

How to Safely Reopen Colleges and Universities During COVID-19: Experiences From Taiwan

News / July 6, 2020
Reopening colleges and universities during the COVID-10 pandemic poses a special challenge worldwide. Taiwan is one of the few countries where schools are functioning normally. In an Annals of...
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California’s COVID-19 Spike and Measures to Bend the Curve

Q&As / June 26, 2020
Michelle Mello, a professor of medicine and law, examines the reasons behind California's spike in COVID-19 cases and what can be done to bend the curve of the pandemic.
Sherri Rose

Stanford Health Policy’s newest faculty member: Sherri Rose

Q&As / June 26, 2020
Sherri Rose comes to us from Harvard Medical School, where she co-founded the Health Policy Data Science lab.
gettyimages covid vaccine

Ensuring Wide Use of Coronavirus Vaccine Once We Have One

Commentary / June 26, 2020
SHP's Michelle Mello and colleagues note in this New England Journal of Medicine perspective that even when we have a clinically safe and successful vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 — only half of...
gettyimages covid prisoners

Stanford Works With California Prisons to Test and Prevent COVID-19

News / June 16, 2020
A $1 million gift from the Horowitz Family Foundation allows Stanford researchers to work on reducing the spread of COVID-19 among the incarcerated and inform mitigation strategies in other high-...
gettyimages suicide woman

Coronavirus Could Make America’s Gun Problem Even Deadlier

Commentary / June 11, 2020
Several myths cloud public understanding of the connection between guns and suicide. Perhaps the most pernicious is the idea that people who really want to end their lives will find a way to do it,...
gettyimages run illustration

Owning Handgun Associated With Dramatically Higher Risk of Suicide

News / June 3, 2020
Men who own handguns are eight times more likely to die of suicide by handgun than men who don’t have one — and women who own handguns are 35 times more likely than women who don’t, according to...
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Preventing and Managing Hospital-Based Infections During Coronavirus

News / June 2, 2020
SHP's Jason Wang and colleagues provide five key steps to managing infections in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic in this Journal of Hospital Medicine study, drawing on lessons from...
gettyimages empty plane

Stanford Works with Taiwan To Test Global Travel Quarantines That Could Help Get Passengers Back Into the Skies

News / May 20, 2020
Stanford Health Policy’s Jason Wang and colleagues will ask volunteers to fly to Taiwan to test whether quarantine periods might safely be shortened — and help travelers become less wary of taking to...
gettyimages disabled

Respecting Disability Rights During a Pandemic and Other Emergencies

Commentary / May 19, 2020
Disabled patients must not be categorically excluded from access to treatment during a pandemic or at any other time of national emergency, writes Stanford Health Policy's Michelle Mello in the...
matthew t rader yxdj8qvzlia unsplash

Study Finds .07% COVID-19 Antibodies Among MLB Employees

News / May 12, 2020
The test kits were sent to some 10,000 MLB employees and 5,754 of them responded, using a pin prick to draw blood.
united nations covid 19 response lbwchw6kayi unsplash

Federal Funding for State and Local Contact Tracing Efforts Is an Urgent Priority — and a Bargain

Blogs / May 11, 2020
Joshua Salomon makes the case for a $20 billion relief bill to fund state and local contact-tracing efforts in this Health Affairs blog.
gettyimages contact tracing

Ethics and Governance of Digital Epidemiology

News / May 11, 2020
Many countries have taken digital epidemiology to the next level in responding to COVID-19. Focusing on core public health functions of case detection, contact tracing, and isolation and quarantine,...

Our Future Depends on Achieving Immunity to COVID-19 Together

News / May 11, 2020
On the World Class podcast with Michael McFaul, guests David Relman and Michelle Mello say progress will likely be uneven with states each pursuing varying degrees of social distancing and shelter-in...
gettyimages immunitypassport

The Ethics and Law Behind So-Called Immunity Passports

Commentary / May 6, 2020
David Studdert writes in this JAMA Viewpoint that, ideally, a clear scientific understanding and careful deliberation would precede any public or private policy that selectively relaxes restrictions...
gettyimages coronainvestigate

Launch of New Modeling Framework to Investigate COVID-19

News / April 17, 2020
The Stanford-CIDE Coronavirus Simulation Model — or SC-COSMO — incorporates realistic demography and patterns to investigate resource planning and policy evaluations for diverse populations and...
evaluating ventilator

Rosenkranz Prize Winner: Infectious Diseases Physician Examines High Stillborn Incidence in Bangladesh, Helps With COVID-19 Preparedness

News / April 17, 2020
Stanford postdoc Ashley Styczynski will investigate the epidemiology behind the alarmingly high rate of stillbirths in Bangladesh while helping prepare for the coming onslaught of coronavirus in the...
getttyimages civil liberties

Covid-19 Crisis: Is a Showdown Between Public Health Imperatives and Civil Liberties Inevitable?

Commentary / April 10, 2020
David Studdert addresses the tradeoff between basic liberties and societal health in the current coronavirus pandemic in a New England Journal of Medicine perspective.

Standing Up against Gender Bias and Harassment Among Medical Professionals

Commentary / April 8, 2020
Half of the medical students in the United States are women, as are two-thirds of the health-care workers taking care of patients in hospitals, clinics and residential communities. And the majority of the nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic? Women. Yet gender bias and workplace harassment continue to plague women who have dedicated their careers to taking care of others.
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COVID19: Can Masks Help with Reopening the Economy?

News / April 5, 2020
Once businesses reopen and people head back to stores and restaurants, will wearing a medical mask still offer a smart level of protection?
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Jay Bhattacharya: Questioning Conventional Wisdom of the COVID-19 Crisis

Commentary / April 5, 2020
Jay Bhattacharya questions the conventional wisdom that the coronavirus would kill millions without shelter-in-place orders and quarantines.
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New Research Led by Eran Bendavid Reveals If You've Been Exposed to Coronavirus

News / April 5, 2020

(This is excerpted from a story from The Mercury News.)

Long motorcades of volunteers converged at three Stanford University research sites this week, donating blood for a new test that identifies the prevalence of coronavirus in our community – and could help reveal the full scope of Santa Clara County’s epidemic.

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Federalism Meets the COVID-19 Pandemic: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Commentary / April 2, 2020
The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major weaknesses in the federalist system of public health governance, which divides powers among the federal, state and local governments, argues SHP’s Michelle Mello in this New England Journal of Medicine commentary.
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Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?

Commentary / March 25, 2020
Current estimates about the Covid-19 fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude, Stanford Health Policy's Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya write in this editorial published in the Wall Street Journal.
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SHP faculty to Teach Students How To Build COVID-19 Mathematical Projection Models for Policymakers

News / March 24, 2020
Stanford Health Policy's Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert and Stanford Medicine's Jason Andrews will be teaching a class for Stanford undergrads and graduate students on how to build mathematical models to help combat global infectious diseases like the COVID-19.
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