September 1999 - August 2002

Global Healthcare Productivity Project (GHP)


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Principal Investigator
Senior Fellow
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CHP/PCOR Adjunct Affiliate
  • Professor, Public and Private Management, Emeritus
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CHP/PCOR Adjunct Affiliate
Daniel P. Kessler, JD, PhD
  • Professor, Law
  • Professor, Political Economy

The Global Health Productivity project is a Stanford-led network of collaborators from 20 developed nations organized to assess the impact of healthcare regulation, financing and organization on healthcare delivery and health system performance. The project studies diverse issues of global interest, including pharmaceutical regulation, policies regarding financing the care of elderly individuals with dementia, and approaches to managing common clinical problems such as congestive heart failure. GHP's comparative research serves as the foundation for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of different approaches to healthcare financing and delivery.

The Global Healthcare Productivity project originated from the belief that a better understanding of the consequences of diverse arrangements for the financing and delivery of health care around the world will be invaluable to nations seeking ways to improve their own healthcare systems.

GHP links disciplines and participants from government, academia and the private sector in an international research collaboration. The international network of researchers and policy experts are the key resource of the project; participants will exchange information and ideas and contribute to international comparisons of healthcare financing, regulation and organization.

Specific program activities include:

  • establishing an infrastructure to support communications and collaborative research among the international network of academic investigators, private sector experts, and government representatives interested in global comparative perspectives on healthcare systems, and
  • developing a framework to guide the generation of research questions and ensure comparable methods of data collection and analysis.

Stanford University's Center for Health Policy coordinates the GHP project. The center communicates with project participants, circulates project information, integrates country-specific findings, maintains a repository of summary data, and provides background material for participants seeking related grant funding. All participants will be appropriately credited as authors of products published as a result of the GHP project.