Children in Crisis


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Co-principle Investigator
  • Professor, Neonatal and Developmental Pediatrics
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Principal Investigator
Senior Fellow
  • Professor, Pediatrics
  • Senior Fellow, FSI

Improving the Provision of Human Services in Areas of Conflict, Political Instability and Weak Governance.

The Stanford Children in Crisis Initiative is the first university-based program to address the needs of children in areas of unstable governance and civil conflict.  The Initiative seeks to craft strategies that recognize and overcome the obstacles to providing health services in politically volatile areas of the world. By bringing together specialists in global security, human rights, development and public health, the Initiative adapts life-saving child health intervention methods to the political and security requirements of the real world.  A notable project within this initiative is the Guatemala Rural Child Health and Nutrition Program which aims to decrease child mortality in areas around San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala, by improving nutrition for children under 5.

Current Collaborating Partners

Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, FSI (Governance, Political Science, Training and Capacity Building)

Center for Health Policy, FSI and Stanford University School of Medicine (Health Economics)

Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention, Stanford University School of Medicine (Maternal and Child Health, Large Database Analysis)

Graduate School of Business, Stanford University (Database Analytics, Mobile Technology Development)

Center for Innovation in Global Health, Stanford University School of Medicine (Global Health)