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      Rebuilding trust key to fighting Ebola in Africa

      News / September 24, 2014
      The Ebola epidemic, which could affect hundreds of thousands of West Africans, can only be contained by rebuilding public trust and local health systems decimated by years of neglect, according to a panel convened by the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Stanford Medicine. FSI Senior Fellows David Relman, Paul Wise, Stephen Stedman and Douglas Owens were among the panelists.
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      In Ebola Crisis, Hope and Heroism

      Commentary / September 2, 2014

      Traditional drug repurposing, although successful in treating some diseases, still requires considerable time to identify candidate compounds and even more time to test them in clinical trials. Ebola requires and deserves a much more aggressive approach, while still balancing safety and efficacy concerns.

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      Paul Wise on "Airtalk" with Larry Mantle

      Q&A / August 28, 2014

      Paul Wise discusses the effects of the Affordable Care Act on children's health care.

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      Why the massive black market trade in cigarettes affects you even if you don't smoke

      News / June 25, 2014
      A National Academy of Sciences committee meets this week to study a large, growing and little-understood black market in drugs. But rather than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine, the committee members will be discussing tobacco cigarettes. The global black market in tobacco is estimated to supply 11.6% of the world’s consumption, a startling 650 billion cigarettes a year. And there are two components to this market that have drawn the particular scrutiny of law enforcement: fake cigarettes and tax avoidance.
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      Stanford Global Development and Poverty initiative awards $4.6 million for research aimed at alleviating poverty

      News / June 18, 2014
      Fourteen Stanford researchers addressing global poverty through a range of academic disciplines are receiving the money from the university-wide Global Development and Poverty initiative. The initiative is part of the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies and is administered in partnership with Stanford's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.
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      Casper awarded for service to American Law Institute

      News / June 11, 2014
      The American Law Institute's distinguished service award was presented to Gerhard Casper by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Casper, Stanford's ninth president and a senior fellow at FSI, was recognized by his longtime friend as a “prominent and uncommonly successful leader in the academic world.”
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      You're Never Too Old to Be Studied

      Commentary / May 22, 2014
      When older patients seek health care, they are unwittingly enrolling in an experiment: Will medical procedures that have been proved effective mainly on the young also help the elderly?
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      Early vaccination could save lives, dollars in next flu pandemic, Stanford researchers show

      News / May 20, 2014
      Beginning vaccinations at four, rather than six, months after a pandemic flu outbreak would save thousands more lives and millions of dollars in a large metropolitan area, a new study shows.
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      George W. Bush shares presidential insights with Stanford students

      News / May 6, 2014
      In remarks that were often blunt and sometimes funny, George W. Bush spoke with Stanford students about some of the defining moments of his presidency. The conversation ranged from congressional power to his take on world leaders and the impact his policies had on curbing the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.
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      Health care aid for developing countries boosts life expectancy, study finds

      News / April 22, 2014
      Health care aid is directly linked to an increase in life expectancy and a decrease in child mortality in developing countries, according to a new study by CHP/PCOR researchers.
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      Growth in Drug Treatment Has Led to More Innovation

      Commentary / March 17, 2014
      Insurance coverage for addiction treatment has been expanded more in the past five months than in the preceding five decades. Contrary to the common complaint that nothing is changing in the “war on drugs”, the U.S. has never been closer to providing universal addiction treatment on demand.
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      Stanford researchers launch new approach to health policy in India

      News / March 17, 2014
      Grant Miller and Nomita Divi are spearheading the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative, a program that rethinks health care in India. The initiative’s focus comes from the people who regularly confront problems with the country's health care services and strives to understand why patients and providers don’t always make seemingly logical decisions.
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      At Stanford, IMF chief discusses promise, risk of global economy

      News / February 25, 2014
      Christine Lagarde says she is optimistic that the world’s economic leaders are committed to taking the steps that will guard against another large-scale financial collapse. But she’s worried that unless more sustainable jobs are created, economic disparities will increase.
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      CHP/PCOR’s three new faculty members bring a varied background in behavioral health economics, law and children’s health outcomes

      News / December 16, 2013
      Three researchers, whose work spans the globe as well as disciplines, have joined CHP/PCOR. They include a health law professor, a physician economist interested in how behavioral issues influence patient outcomes, and another physician economist who will focus on health economic issues among children in developing countries.
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      Stanford researchers: Feds likely miscalculated health care costs

      News / September 11, 2013
      With millions of Americans eligible for subsidies to buy health insurance, Stanford Health Policy's Jay Bhattacharya shows the government may have underestimated its costs by billions of dollars.
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      Integrating technology and context into bioethics training for health delivery system researchers in Southeast Asia

      News / August 27, 2013
      Stanford pediatrician Jason Wang and researcher Mildred Cho have received $1,087,920 to launch a center in Taiwan and Stanford dedicated to training medical professionals about ethics. Wang -- an associate professor of pediatrics and a CHP/PCOR affiliate, and Cho -- a professor of pediatrics at the School of Medicine’s Center for Biomedical Ethics -- received one of five of this year’s bioethics grants from the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health.
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      Austerity programs hurt children, say Stanford scholars

      News / July 1, 2013
      As governments slash programs for the poor, FSI Senior Fellow Paul Wise says there is an urgent need to discuss the impact of austerity measures on children's health.
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      Stanford study draws attention to childhood obesity screening

      News / June 6, 2013
      Analyzing data stretching over four decades, Stanford researchers suggest early intervention treatments of obese children will have a surprisingly meager impact on reducing obesity-related illness in adulthood.
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      Stanford law professor, security expert to lead FSI

      News / February 11, 2013
      When Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar takes the helm of FSI in July, he'll oversee the institute's 11 research centers and programs along with a variety of undergraduate and graduate education initiatives on international affairs. His leadership will be marked by a commitment to build on FSI’s interdisciplinary approach to solving some of the world’s biggest problems.
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