Nation's Health, The


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Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Seventh Edition, page(s): 606



This compendium of articles provides a clear view of the factors affecting the health of Americans and the role of public health, medical care, and the community in ensuring the nation's health. The Seventh Edition continues the emphasis of earlier editions on the health of the population, the determinants of health, women's health, long term care, and the precarious set of circumstances faced by the nation's public health and health care systems as we begin the 21st century.

New issues, particularly related to bioterrorism and community health are addressed in this edition. This volume also includes coverage of tobacco, immunizations, HIV/AIDS, environmental health, dietary guidelines, physical activity, and food safety. In addition, a major new feature is an article on community problem solving, emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to collaborative practice and research to improve community health.

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