NIH director highlights David Chan's work on electronic medical records

electronic medical records


Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, highlights in a NIH blog post the research of CHP/PCOR's David Chan, who is exploring the impact of electronic health record reminders on the quality of primary care. 

Chan, an assistant professor of medicine in the Department of Medicine and a core faculty member at CHP/PCOR, received an NIH Early Independence Award last year for his work in the area of electronic health records.

Collins writes in his blog post: 

Is 5 too few and 40 too many? That’s one of many questions that researcher David Chan is asking about the clinical reminders embedded into those electronic health record (EHR) systems increasingly used at your doctor’s office or local hospital. Electronic reminders, which are similar to the popups that appear when installing software on your computer, flag items for healthcare professionals to consider when they are seeing patients. Depending on the type of reminder used in the EHR—and there are many types—these timely messages may range from a simple prompt to write a prescription to complex recommendations for follow-up testing and specialist referrals.

You can read the entire blog post here.