Provide, Provide: The Economics of Aging


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University of Chicago Press in "Medicare Reform: Issues and Answers", Thomas R. Saving and Andrew Rettenmaier, Eds.

October, 1999

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Medicare Reform - the first volume in a new series sponsored by the George Bush School of Government and Public Policy at Texas A&M University - tackles the current Medicare predicament head-on, delving into the fundamental issues surrounding the reorganization of the system: whether to allocate Medicare's growing financial load to current workers in the form of higher taxes, shift the onus to future generations, or shortchange both the expectations and care of present recipients by substantially cutting benefits. This volume assembles a group of the most highly respected analysts of health issues to consider the economic forces impacting the surging health care market.

Written for the general reader and offering innovative ideas for policy revision along with critical new data on health care economics, this comprehensive volume provides a timely and thoughtful deliberation on the precarious future of Medicare.

Available as NBER working paper 6642.

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