CHP/PCOR Quarterly Update, Spring 2008 Issue


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Quarterly Update, Vol. 8, page(s): 11

April 24, 2008

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This issue of CHP/PCOR's Quarterly Update covers news from the Winter 2008 quarter and includes articles about:

  • the Russian Mortality Crisis and the effect of Gorbachev’s anti-alcohol campaign on life expectancy;
  • bioterrorism supply chains – how should policymakers be planning for a bioterrorism attack?
  • a Research in Brief selection on the phenomenon and effect of Regression toward the Mean in statistical analysis on study findings;
  • the use of pedometers and use of human growth hormone in athletes, both widely-covered topics by the media, investigated by CHP/PCOR researchers.

The newsletter also contains various other news items that may be of interest to our readers.

Note to the reader:

The newsletter is fully-navigational. Any text that is surrounded by a dashed box is clickable and will allow the reader to navigate the newsletter more efficiently. The end of each article contains a special symbol (§) that, when clicked, will take the reader back to the table of contents. Please feel free to contact Amber Hsiao with any questions.

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