CHP/PCOR Quarterly Update, spring 2005 issue


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CHP/PCOR, Vol. 5, page(s): 12

April 2005

spring05 news FINAL

This issue of CHP/PCOR's quarterly newsletter covers news and developments from the winter 2004 quarter. It features articles about:

  • a widely publicized study by CHP/PCOR researchers which found that routine HIV screening is cost-effective and would extend the lives of HIV-positive patients;
  • publication of the first three volumes of "Closing the Quality Gap," a report prepared by researchers at CHP/PCOR and UCSF that evaluates quality improvement strategies for specific medical conditions;
  • a health vouchers plan co-authored by Victor Fuchs, which would provide comprehensive health coverage for all Americans, while maintaining individual choice and free-market competition;
  • a research collaboration led by CHP/PCOR that has been awarded a grant to develop a comprehensive Medicare reform plan; and
  • the work of former CHP/PCOR trainee Jessica Haberer, who is doing HIV/AIDS research in China for the William J. Clinton foundation, and recently met the former president in this capacity.
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