CHP/PCOR Quarterly Update, fall 2005 issue

fall05 news FINAL

This issue of CHP/PCOR's quarterly newsletter, which covers news from the summer 2005 quarter, includes articles about:

  • our new core faculty member Grant Miller, a Harvard-trained health economist with an interest in improving health in developing countries;
  • a discussion with center director Alan Garber on key issues and challenges facing the Medicare program;
  • the fourth meeting of the Patient Safety Consortium, a group of more than 100 U.S. hospitals taking part in CHP/PCOR research on patient safety culture;
  • core faculty member Jay Bhattacharya's research on HIV patients' perceptions of their lifespan as examined through viatical settlement transactions; and
  • a research project on technology coverage decisions in the U.S. vs. the U.K., undertaken by Stirling Bryan, a U.K.-based Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy who is spending the next academic year at CHP/PCOR.
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