California's Struggle with Regulation


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Jossey-Bass (Menlo Park, CA) in "Regulating Managed Care: Theory, Practice, and Future Options", Altman, Reinhardt, and Schactman, editors., page(s): 362



What should be government's role in a market-oriented health care system?

What's the appropriate amount of regulation?

Who should regulate-states, federal government, or market forces?

What role do the courts play in this regulation?

Are there existing models that might guide leaders in designing an effective regulatory structure?

Welcome to the great managed care debate. In Regulating Managed Care, twenty-six of the nation's leading health policy experts give health care administrators, clinicians, and policy makers insight into the issues behind this critical exchange and provide leaders with a road map to assess the policy options available to protect the quality of our health care delivery system.

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