A Collection of Articles on U.S. Health Reform

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SIEPR, Vol. 1

January 2010

Fuchs HealthCareReform SIEPR

A collection of core faculty Victor Fuchs' articles on actions needed for meaningful health care reform in the United States.

  • Eliminating "Waste" in Health Care
  • Four Health Care Reforms for 2009
  • Cost Shifting Does Not Reduce the Cost of Health Care.
  • The Proposed Government Health Insurance Company - No Substitute for Real Reform
  • Reforming US Health Care - Key Considerations for the New Administration.
  • Health Reform: Getting The Essentials Right
  • Health Care Reform - Why So Much Talk and So Little Action?
  • Three "Inconvenient Truths" about Health Care
  • The Perfect Storm of Overutilization
  • Who Really Pays for Health Care? The Myth of "Shared Responsibility".
  • What Are The Prospects For Enduring Comprehensive Health Care Reform?
  • Essential Elements of a Technology and Outcomes Assessment Initiative
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