Improving the global health workforce crisis: an evaluation of Global Health Corps

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Lancet Global Health, Vol. 3

November 2015

lancet nov 2015

Efforts to address the global healthcare workforce crisis focus heavily on traditional service providers such as physicians and nurses. Yet, improving health systems also necessitates involvement from a wide range of management and support workers. Global Health Corps (GHC) pairs a team of at least two skilled management and support fellows (one local and one non-local fellow) from sub-Saharan Africa and the United States to work in partnership with non-profit and government agencies focused on the implementation of health services in a setting of poor health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa or the United States. This manuscripts presents a five-year evaluation of the program.  By filling the human resources gaps of global health organizations with management and support workers, GHC and similar approaches may help generate a new pipeline of local and global leaders in global health.

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