Issa Sylla Photo

Issa Sylla

  • Master's Student, Health Policy


Issa Sylla is an MBA and MS Health Policy candidate at the Darden School of Business and Stanford University, respectively; he holds a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College. Passionate about health equity, he is interested in exploring the intersection of health economics and policy, social determinants, and outcomes.
Prior to graduate school, Issa worked as a Research Engineer at IBM's Center for Computational Health, publishing in the areas of clinical events prediction models, simulation and network models, and algorithmic fairness.  While at IBM, Issa lived in Kenya in 2019 and 2021 working with providers and educators to open a medical clinic in Kiambu and provide resources to vulnerable children in Kericho. Today, Issa serves on the Board of Directors of NAD Partnership, advising on the integration of health, education, and community services in Labé, Guinea. 
Issa is originally from Conakry, Guinea, and in his free time he enjoys reading East Asian comics and learning about Sub-Saharan African cultures through visual arts, including paintings and dances.