Henry T. Greely

Henry T. Greely, JD

Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law
Stanford Health Policy Associate

Crown Quad, #333
Stanford, California 94305-8610

(650) 723-2517 (voice)

Research Interests

biomedical advances with society and its legal system; human cloning; human subjects protection system to genetics research; questions of neuroscience including predicting behavior; determining truth or falsity; criminal responsibility


Professor Greely's work has focused on the legal aspects of the health care financing system. His interests include the incentives for employers and insurers to discriminate among possible insured consumers and the legality of such discrimination. He is also interested in broad issues of health reform, in quality assurance, in practice guidelines, and in bioethics. He has also been increasingly active in the intersection of law and the revolution in genetics, including notably through his role as a co-director of the Stanford Program in Genomics, Ethics, and Society, as co-director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science, and Technology, as a member of the California State Commission on Human Cloning, and as a member of the Human Genome Diversity Project.

Stanford Affiliations

Law, Science, and Technology
Genomics, Ethics, and Society

Other Affiliations

California State Commission on Human Cloning, Human Genome Diversity Project