Grant Miller: A team approach to international health

grant miller team approach


Grant Miller, associate professor of medicine and a Stanford Health Policy core faculty member and senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute, has been working to help residents of a state in India access the micronutrients that they are lacking. The work, which involves a fortified rice, includes several Indian ministries, nonprofit organizations, and faculty from across the Stanford campus to assess and support the collaborative effort.

In this video, Miller says Stanford's collaborative community and institutes help projects like his in the southeastern India state of Tamil Nadu succeed. "Micronutrient deficiency rates in Tamil Nadu are extremely high," he says. "We're working with the government of Tamil Nadu to see if it's possible to introduce fortification into what's called the public distribution system — which distributes rice at no cost to all residents of Tamil Nadu."

And, Miller says, he would not be able to carry out that research without the teamwork generated here on campus.