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Goldhaber-Fiebert elected to Society for Medical Decision Making Board

Goldhaber-Fiebert will become the Society of Medical Decision Making's next secretary-treasurer. “SMDM has been bringing together the global methodological leaders in decision science for health and medicine for decades,” he says.
Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert

Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert has been elected to the board of the Society for Medical Decision Making, an international organization that promotes medical decision science and works with hospitals, universities, corporations and governments agencies around the world.

Goldhaber-Fiebert, an associate professor of medicine at Stanford Health Policy, teaches several health policy classes on infectious disease and decision science, and is heading up some key COVID-19 mathematical simulation models for the California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He likens SMDM to a second home, having been involved with the society for 15 years and mentoring Stanford students and trainees who present their research at its annal conference.

“SMDM has been bringing together the global methodological leaders in decision science for health and medicine for decades,” he said. “The way the branches of decision science are practiced and applied all grow out from the trailblazing work of SMDM members and collaborations fostered by the society — I am very proud to serve on its board as secretary-treasurer.”

The society’s 42nd Annual North American Meeting will be held virtually next month, focusing on relationships in medical decision making. Goldhaber-Fiebert will be teaching short courses, presenting his own work and supporting the presentations of 11 other abstracts — including 10 with trainees.

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Stanford Works With California Prisons to Test and Prevent COVID-19

A $1 million gift from the Horowitz Family Foundation allows Stanford researchers to work on reducing the spread of COVID-19 among the incarcerated and inform mitigation strategies in other high-density living situations.
Women doctor holds a surgical mask with the California Republic flag.

Stanford Team Uses Data to Help California Track & Prevent COVID-19

A team of Stanford researchers is working with the State of California on a new COVID-19 assessment tool to help hospitals and public health officials in their pandemic preparedness planning.
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Launch of New Modeling Framework to Investigate COVID-19

The Stanford-CIDE Coronavirus Simulation Model — or SC-COSMO — incorporates realistic demography and patterns to investigate resource planning and policy evaluations for diverse populations and geographies in California, Mexico and India.