4th Patient Safety Consortium meeting

Representatives from more than 30 hospitals, health systems and government agencies will gather at Stanford for the 4th meeting of the Patient Safety Consortium (PSC), hosted by CHP/PCOR. The PSC is a consortium of more than 130 hospitals and health systems nationally from past and present CHP/PCOR research projects examining patient safety culture.

The current project, led by Lawrence Baker, Sara Singer and David Gaba, examines patient safety culture in 114 healthcare organizations. It will also implement and evaluate in 24 hospitals an intervention designed to improve perceptions of safety culture and reduce the disparity between hospital management and front-line workers in how they perceive their hospital's safety culture.

The Aug. 29 meeting will bring together the current project participants to share their experiences, ideas and expertise. It will include sessions on:

  • engaging physicians in patient safety activities;
  • promoting respect across hospital departments;
  • creating error reporting/event reporting systems;
  • an update on JCAHO's 2006 National Patient Safety Goals; and
  • a keynote address by Paul Uhlig, MD, 2002 winner of the John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety Award for System Innovation.

This meeting is not open to the general public, but CHP/PCOR faculty, staff and affiliates are welcome to attend any sessions of interest.

For more details, see the meeting agenda below.


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