Scholarly Concentration in Health Services and Policy Research


Healthcare quality, cost and access are significantly affected by government policies and by a wide range of institutions, including hospitals, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers. To formulate effective health policy and improve clinical practice, it is essential to understand the interactions among these institutions, medical decision making at the population level, and the social and economic environment of healthcare.

Given the complexity of health policy and its far-reaching effects on societal health, it is important that physicians with training in health policy issues and research are involved in shaping national health policies. The Scholarly Concentration in Health Services and Policy Research at the Stanford University School of Medicine provides just such training. The program emphasizes the fundamental issues and methodologies of health services research, and it encourages students to explore areas of particular interest.

Faculty and Administration

The scholarly concentration in Health Services and Policy Research is offered by Stanford University's Center for Health Policy/Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research. CHP and PCOR are sister centers that conduct multidisciplinary research and oversee three postdoctoral fellowship programs in health services and health policy research.  The co-directors of the scholarly concentration is Laurence C. Baker, a professor of medicine and the Bing Professor of Human Biology, and Corinna Haberland, lecturer at Stanford Health Policy.

For more information, please visit the Scholarly Concentrations page on the Stanford Medicine website. 

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