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Cost-Containment and Financing the Long-Term Care of the Elderly

December 1988

Cause-Specific Mortality among Medicare Enrollees

December 1998

For over a decade, the National Bureau of Economic Research has sponsored the Economics of Aging Program, under the direction of David A. Wise.

Costs and Effectiveness of Cholesterol Screening in the Elderly

December 1989

Financing Health Care for Elderly Americans in the 1990s

December 1994

Japanese and American economists assess the present economic status of the elderly in the United States and Japan, and consider the impact of an aging population on the economies of the two...

Forecasting Nursing Home Utilization of Elderly Americans

December 1994

Studies in the Economics of Aging is the fourth book in a series from the National Bureau of Economic Research that addresses economic issues in aging and retirement.

Long-Term Care, Wealth, and Health of the Disabled Elderly Living in the Community

December 1989

For over a decade, the National Bureau of Economic Research has sponsored the Economics of Aging Program, under the direction of David A. Wise.

Predicting Nursing Home Utilization among the High-Risk Elderly

December 1990

Relative Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Methods of Androgen Suppression in the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer

May 1999

For this report, the Technology Evaluation Center, an AHCPR Evidence-based Practice Center of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, conducted a systematic review of the evidence from...

To Comfort Always: Prospects of Expanded Social Responsibility for Long-Term Care

December 1996

Does government spend too little or too much on child care? How can education dollars be spent more efficiently? Should government's role in medical care increase or decrease?

Evidence on Early-Life Income and Late-Life Health from America's Dust Bowl Era

August 2007

In recent decades, elderly Americans have enjoyed enormous gains in longevity and reductions in disability. The causes of this progress remain unclear, however.

Provide, Provide: The Economics of Aging

October 1999

Medicare Reform - the first volume in a new series sponsored by the George Bush School of Government and Public Policy at Texas A&M University - tackles the current Medicare predicament head-on...

Payment Source and Episodes of Institutionalization

December 1992

Estimated Costs of Treating Stress Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Women Using the AHCPR Clinical Practice Guidelines

December 1996

Urinary incontinence affects 10 million elderly and is estimated to cost more than $10 billion annually. Treatments for this conditions vary widely in efficacy and cost.

Decisions at the End-of-Life: Cultural Considerations beyond Medical Ethics

December 1999

Ethical Dilemmas in the Critically Ill Elderly

December 1994

Dementia in the Elderly

December 1992

Ethical Considerations of Pharmacotherapy in the Aged

December 1991

Sexuality and Aging: Gynecologic Factors in Sexual Dysfunction of the Older Woman

February 1991

Fecal Incontinence in an Elderly Man: Stanford University Geriatrics Case Conference

December 1989

Physicians and Teams in Care of the Elderly Patient

December 1989

Ethical Issues in Care of the Elderly: Pitfalls and Principles

December 1989

Do Doctors Practice Defensive Medicine?

May 1996

"Defensive medicine" is a potentially serious social problem: if fear of liability drives health care providers to administer treatments that do not have worthwhile medical benefits, then the...

Medicare Reimbursement and Hospital Cost Growth

December 1996

This volume presents innovative research on issues of importance to the well-being of older persons: labor market behavior, health care, housing and living arrangements, and saving and wealth....

What Is Technological Change?

December 1998


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