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Call for papers: Conference on the economics of ageing

July 2016

The Asia Health Policy Program at Stanford’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, in collaboration with scholars from Stanford Health Policy's Center on Demography and Economics of Health and...

Guatemala project inspires and motivates Stanford medical student

June 2016

Bawel is one of a few lucky medical students to travel with Stanford pediatrician Paul Wise, MD, MPH, to San Lucas Tolimán, a town in the mountains of rural Guatemala that serves as a base for his...

“Doctor Pablo’s” Children in Crisis Initiative creates app to improve child health

June 2016

A Stanford team has created a “nutrition surveillance” app that can help boost nutrition for children in some of the world’s poorest and most remote regions.

New guidelines on screening for colorectal cancer, second deadliest cancer

June 2016

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the United States, after lung cancer, yet many Americans are still loathe to be screened for the disease.

To fight superbugs, fight poverty

May 2016

On May 26, 2016, researchers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center reported the first case of what they called a “truly pan-drug resistant bacteria.” By now, the story has been well...

Measuring return on investment in health care

February 2016

What is the best way to measure returns on investments in health care? This was at the crux of the third annual Global Health Economics Consortium Colloquium.

Health policy wonks love this season of Downton Abbey

February 2016

This season, “Downton Abbey's” plot line has health policy wonks on the edge of their seats: a heated debate about hospital consolidation that closely parallels what’s going on in the U.S.

Could OrderRex become the Amazon of EMRs?

November 2015

Jonathan H.

Trick or Treat: using mobile health to save one tooth at a time

October 2015

PLAQUEMONSTER encourages children to brush and floss. However, the true purpose of the app is to provide feedback on the user’s engagement that can be used for future forays into mobile health.

Crossing disciplines and using technology could help populations in need

October 2015

Medical researchers must work together across disciplines to provide better health care to those who need it most, according to panelists at Stanford Medicine’s Annual Population Health Sciences...

Doctor to patient: An Ebola survivor's odyssey

October 2015

Ian Crozier, MD, a physician volunteer in West Africa, recounted his story of surviving the Ebola virus and the complications that ensued.

Laurence Baker named chair of Health Research and Policy

October 2015

Health economics expert Laurence Baker has been appointed chair of the Department of Health Research and Policy (HRP) in the Stanford School of Medicine.

Landmark report on diagnostic errors unveiled by Institute of Medicine

September 2015

Most Americans will get at least one faulty diagnosis in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences and “urgent change is warranted to address this challenge,” a panel of medical...

Stanford students investigate India's pharmaceutical networks

September 2015

Four Stanford students spent seven weeks this summer investigating India’s complicated health-care system on a fellowship with the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative.

Travel with India Health Policy Initiative fellows

August 2015

Follow the 2015 Stanford India Health Policy Initiave fellows as they investigate informal pharmaceutical networks around urban Mumbai.

Dental coverage for patients with Medicaid may not prevent tooth-related ER visits

August 2015

More than 2 percent of all emergency department visits are now related to nontraumatic dental conditions, according to a study by researchers at Stanford University, the University of California...

Copayments appear tied to antimicrobial resistance

July 2015

The increasing resistance to antimicrobial drugs is a growing public health concern, particularly in low- and middle-income countries that require high out-of-pocket payments for prescription drugs.

Rosenkranz Prize winners devoted to innovative health care in developing countries

June 2015

This year's Rosenkranz Prize winners embody the spirit of innovation into health care research in the developing world.

Maria Polyakova wins Ernst-Meyer Prize

June 2015

Maria Polyakova, an assistant professor of health research and policy at the Stanford School of Medicine, is this year’s recipient of the Ernst-Meyer Prize, which recognizes original research about...

The impact of war and conflict on child health

June 2015

In this video, Paul Wise, the Richard E.

Better datasets and tech will benefit patients

May 2015

The explosion of big data is transforming the way those in health care are diagnosing, treating and preventing disease, panelists at the Big Data inBiomedicine said on its opening day.