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Guatemala Rural Child Health and Nutrition Program

The primary goal of the Guatemala Rural Child Health and Nutrition Program is to use the capacities of Stanford University to save young children’s lives in Guatemala and other areas of the world...

Physician Response to Productivity Incentives

There has been much policy debate about paying physicians by salary or compensating them for the work that they do.

Smart Agents to Reduce the Parent Health Literacy Burden in the Care of the Children with Medical Complexity

(Partner:  Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Science) This inter-disciplinary project addresses two formidable health care realities: the growing number of patients with chronic...

Consortium for Health Care Informatics Research (CHIR): Translational Use Case Project Natural Language Processing of Chest Radiograph Reports

The Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research (CHIR) is a multisite project funded by Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D).

Striving for good feelings or averting bad ones

Previous research suggests that the emotions people value (“ideal affect”) can help explain cultural differences in health care preferences.  For example, those valuing excitement tend to prefer...

Can health coaches improve decision making for elderly with cancer?

Background: Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States and disproportionately affects elderly patient populations.

Migration, Poverty Alleviation and Wellbeing of the Elderly: Population Modeling for Rural Western China

March 2021

The researchers developed models for the time course of the economic demography of remote Chinese villages that takes into account the migration, and sometimes return, of the villagers, the...

Socioeconomic Gradients in Health Among the Elderly in China

March 2021

This project studied the patterns of health and health care disparities across elderly and non-elderly in China, including the impact of earlier educational and public health interventions on...

Readmissions and Chronic Disease in the Elderly

This study aimed to expand knowledge regarding chronic disease and readmissions in the elderly The  researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of California Office of Statewide Health Planning...

Effect of Social Isolation and Loneliness on Health Care Utilization

The researchers assessed the effect of social isolation and loneliness on healthcare utilization (costs and frequency of care) using longitudinal survey data from the Health and Retirement Survey ...

Care Coordination Measures Project

This project focuses on identifying, evaluating, and developing measures of care coordination activities.

How and Why US Counties and UK Registration Areas Differ in the Distribution of Age at Death

This project aimed to assemble a US mortality data series with county-level identifiers and assembled data on covariates at the county level (education, income, health care).

Health Care Payment Reform

May 2009

Organized by Stanford Health Policy Director Alan Garber, the Payment Reform Project brings together a group of economists and researchers interested in creating and studying novel approaches to...

Emergency Preparedness Measures Project

BackgroundOur research team at Stanford University, Battelle Memorial Institute, and the University of California at Davis (UC-Davis), under contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and...

Striving for Good Feelings or Averting Bad Ones? The Role of Affective Goals in Health Care Decisions across the Life Span

Previous research suggests that the emotions people value ("ideal affect") can help explain cultural differences in health care preferences.

Benefits and Costs of Health Insurance Choice among Older Adults: The Case of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

The perceptions of policy makers regarding the ability and desire of Medicare beneficiaries to make choices regarding their health insurance coverage has shaped the development of the Medicare...

Group Visits to Improve Hypertension Management

Research objectives:The primary goal of this project is to improve blood pressure control in patients with hypertension through a new model of care delivery, Group Medical Visits.

Age Differences in the Processing of Health Care Information

This study seeks to extend evidence for preservation of emotional processes relative to a decline in cognitive processes among older adults to the healthcare domain, in order to improve the...

Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies

Project GoalTo create and apply a methodology for the review of quality improvement implementation strategies -- approaches to closing the "quality gap" between ideal and actual care -- in national...

Access to Care for Vulnerable Populations

The Technology Change in Health Care (TECH) international research collaboration is studying the variations in myocardial infarction incidence, treatment utilization and outcomes in vulnerable...

Quality and Patient Safety Indicators

A major step in the improvement of health care quality is the development of measures of quality that rely upon routinely collected information about office visits and hospital care.

Global Analysis of Technological Change in Health Care (TECH)

The TECH project is an international collaboration aimed at understanding patterns of technology adoption and diffusion of medical care and the effects of these patterns on patient outcomes.


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