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Body weight of Italians: the weight of Education

December 2014

Girls' education and HIV risk: Evidence from Uganda

December 2013

Assessment of health literacy and numeracy among Spanish-speaking parents of young children: Validation of the Spanish parental health literacy activities test (PHLAT Spanish)

December 2012

Objective: To assess the health literacy and numeracy skills of Spanish-speaking parents of young children and to validate a new Spanish language health literacy assessment for parents, the Spanish...

Teaching physicians to assess suicidal youth presenting to the emergency department

December 2011

OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to determine whether a 5-module self-paced computerized educational program improves residents' skills in assessing and managing youth presenting to the...

Anaemia among students of rural China's elementary schools: Prevalence and correlates in Ningxia and Qinghai's poor counties

October 2011

Abstract Although the past few decades have seen rising incomes and increased government attention to rural development, many children in rural China still lack regular access to micronutrient-rich...

Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis in Countries with High Tuberculosis Burdens: Individual Risks and Social Determinants

January 2011

Background A growing body of evidence supports the role of type 2 diabetes as an individual-level risk factor for tuberculosis (TB), though evidence from developing countries with the highest TB...

Interventions aimed at decreasing obesity in children younger than 2 years: A systematic review

December 2010

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To assess the evidence for interventions designed to prevent or reduce overweight and obesity in children younger than 2 years.

Contraception as Development? New Evidence from Family Planning in Colombia

June 2010

There has been considerable debate in the last decade about whether or not family planning programmes in developing countries reduce fertility or improve socio-economic outcomes.

Health Care Is Different—That's Why Expenditures Matter

May 2010

Health care expenditures in the United States have been increasing much more rapidly than the rest of the economy over the past 30 years.

Is Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Training Related to Perceived Responsibility for Treating Mental Health Problems?

May 2010

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate training in developmental and behavioral pediatrics (DBP) for graduating residents, their competencies in diagnosing and treating child mental...

Evaluation of the Acceptability and Usability of a Decision Support System to Encourage Safe and Effective Use of Opioid Therapy for Chronic, Noncancer Pain by Primary Care Providers.

March 2010

Abstract Objective.

Preferences for dialysis withdrawal and engagement in advance care planning within a diverse sample of dialysis patients.

January 2010

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Rates of dialysis withdrawal are higher among the elderly and lower among Blacks, yet it is unknown whether preferences for withdrawal and engagement in advance care...

Quality improvement strategies for children with asthma: A systematic review

December 2009

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the evidence that quality improvement (QI) strategies can improve the processes and outcomes of outpatient pediatric asthma care.

The health literacy of parents in the united states: A nationally representative study

December 2009

ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: To assess the health literacy of US parents and explore the role of health literacy in mediating child health disparities.

Pediatricians and health literacy: Descriptive results from a national survey

December 2009

ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: To describe pediatricians' self-reported experiences with health literacy, use of basic and enhanced communication techniques, and perceived barriers to effective communication...

The role of parent health literacy among urban children with persistent asthma

December 2009

Abstract Health literacy (HL) affects adult asthma management, yet less is known about how parent HL affects child asthma care.

Parental misinterpretations of over-the-counter pediatric cough and cold medication labels

December 2009

Abstract OBJECTIVE: Concerns about the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter cold medications have led to a recent US Food and Drug Administration public health advisory against their use in...

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: failure is not an option.

December 2009

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing is an unavoidable consequence of our ability to cheaply and accurately measure the genome.

Effects of Externally Rated Job Demand and Control on Depression Diagnosis Claims in an Industrial Cohort

December 2009

This study examined whether externally rated job demand and control were associated with depression diagnosis claims in a heavy industrial cohort.

Preferences for Dialysis Withdrawal and Engagement in Advance Care Planning within a Diverse Sample of Dialysis Patients.

September 2009

Background and objectives.

Children with Special Health Care Needs: How Immigrant Status is Related to Health Care Access, Health Care Utilization, and Health Status

June 2009

To compare health care access, utilization, and perceived health status for children with SHCN in immigrant and nonimmigrant families.

Quality Improvement Strategies for Children With Asthma

June 2009

Objective To evaluate the evidence that quality improvement (QI) strategies can improve the processes and outcomes of outpatient pediatric asthma care.

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow: Individual differences in future self-continuity account for saving

June 2009

Abstract Some people find it more difficult to delay rewards than others.