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Tuskegee and the Health of Black Men

August 2017

For forty years, the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male passively monitored hundreds of adult black males with syphilis despite the availability of effective treatment.

Doing Good with Good OR: Supporting Cost-effective Hepatitis B Interventions

December 2011

Abstract In an era of limited healthcare budgets, mathematical models can be useful tools to identify cost-effective programs and to support policymakers in informed decision making.

The incidence of the healthcare costs of obesity

December 2009

The incidence of obesity has increased dramatically in the U.S.

Incidence of the Healthcare Costs of Obesity, The

May 2009

Who pays the healthcare costs associated with obesity? Among workers, this is largely a question of the incidence of the costs of employer-sponsored coverage.

Incidence of the Healthcare Costs of Obesity

May 2005

The incidence of obesity has increased dramatically in the U.S.

Genetic Research and Health Disparities

June 2004

Alleviating health disparities in the United States is a goal with broad support.

Treadmill Scores in Elderly Men

February 2004

OBJECTIVES: This study seeks to further characterize the role of exercise testing in the elderly for prognosis and diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

Gender Differences in Child Survival in Contemporary Rural China: A County Study

January 2004

Using data from a survey of deaths of children less than 5 years old conducted in 1997 in a county in Shaanxi Province, China, this paper examines gender differences in child survival in...

Twenty-Four-Hour Coverage and Worker's Compensation Insurance

December 1993

Workers' compensation insurance provides cash benefits and health care for workers who are injured on the job.


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