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Sources of variation in under-5 mortality across sub-Saharan Africa: a spatial analysis

October 2016

The ongoing decline in under-5 mortality ranks among the most significant public and population health successes of the past 30 years.

Toward a 21st-Century Health Care System: Recommendations for Health Care Reform

April 2009

The coverage, cost, and quality problems of the U.S. health care system are evident.

Using Health Information Technology to Improve Hypertension Management

June 2008

High-quality medical care requires implementing evidence-based best practices, with continued monitoring to improve performance.

Information technology to support improved care for chronic illness

December 2007

Background In populations with chronic illness, outcomes improve with the use of care models that integrate clinical information, evidence-based treatments, and proactive management of care.

Leveraging Change: Educational Opportunities in Information Technology Implementation

July 2006

Objective: To describe an academic medical center's experience with housestaff involvement in the implementation of a new clinical information system, with particular emphasis on resident...

Competition in Health Care: It Takes Systems to Pursue Quality and Efficiency

September 2005

Many stakeholders agree that the current model of U.S. health care competition is not working. Costs continue to rise at double-digit rates, and quality is far from optimal.

Translating research into practice: organizational issues in implementing automated decision support for hypertension in three medical centers

September 2004

Information technology can support the implementation of clinical research findings in practice settings.

Computerized Health Information and the Demand for Medical Care

December 2003

Patient Safety in Guideline-Based Decision Support for Hypertension Management: ATHENA DSS

December 2002

The Institute of Medicine recently issued a landmark report on medical error. In light of this report, every aspect of health care is subject to new scrutiny regarding patient safety.

Health Care and Information Technology: Growing Up Together

December 2000