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Tuskegee and the Health of Black Men

August 2017

For forty years, the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male passively monitored hundreds of adult black males with syphilis despite the availability of effective treatment.

In Latino Genomes, A Rich Source of History

May 2013

Predictors of placement for children who initially remained in their homes after an investigation for abuse or neglect

December 2011

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To examine the frequency and predictors of out-of-home placement in a 30-month follow-up for a nationally representative sample of children investigated for a report of...

The charcot foot in diabetes

December 2011

Abstract The diabetic Charcot foot syndrome is a serious and potentially limb-threatening lower-extremity complication of diabetes.

An Evaluation of Patient Self-Testing Competency of Prothrombin Time for Managing Anticoagulation: Pre-randomization Results of VA Cooperative Study #481 – The Home INR Study (THINRS).

July 2010

Prior studies suggest patient self-testing (PST) of prothrombin time (PT) can improve the quality of anticoagulation (AC) and reduce complications (e.g., bleeding and thromboembolic events).

Desalination of the American Diet: Population Strategies to Decrease Sodium Intake and the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease

March 2010

Background: Sodium consumption raises blood pressure, increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke.

Population Strategies to Decrease Sodium Intake and the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

March 2010

Background: Sodium consumption raises blood pressure, increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke.

Editorial: Health Services Research in 2020: An Assessment of the Field's Workforce Needs.

December 2009

As academic fields and professions go, health services research is relatively young.

Associations Between Intensity of Child Welfare Involvement and Child Development among Young Children in Child Welfare

September 2009

OBJECTIVE: To examine developmental and behavioral status of children in child welfare (CW) over time, by intensity of CW involvement using a national probability sample.

Gender Differences in Procedure-related Adverse Events in Patients Receiving Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator Therapy

March 2009

BACKGROUND: Women are at higher risk than men for adverse events with certain invasive cardiac procedures.

The Rebirth of Pediatrics

January 2009

Any close examination of the epidemiologic trends in childhood suggests 2 fundamental findings. First, pediatrics has been among the most successful specialties in the history of medicine.

A prospective study of weight and metabolic syndrome in young hispanic children.

December 2008

Abstract Objective Examine weight in young Hispanic children over a two-year period; investigate the relationships among overweight, physical activity, caloric intake, and family history in the...

Adverse Medical Outcomes of Early Newborn Screening Programs for Phenylketonuria

December 2008


Extended Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Cigarette Smoking Cessation

August 2008

PRIMARY AIM: Examine the effectiveness of extended cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in promoting longer-term smoking abstinence.

Women's Suffrage, Political Responsiveness, and Child Survival in American History

August 2008

Women's choices appear to emphasize child welfare more than those of men.

Variation in Experts' Beliefs about Lung Cancer Growth, Progression, and Prognosis

April 2008

Introduction: Little is known about the natural history of malignant solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN).

Prevalence and Health Correlates of Prostitution Among Patients Entering Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

March 2008

Context: Studies of prostitution have focused largely on individuals involved in the commercial sex trade, with an emphasis on understanding the public health effect of this behavior.

Violence Perpetration and Childhood Abuse Among Men and Women in Substance Abuse Treatment

January 2008

Despite an association between violence perpetration and substance use, the characteristics associated with violence among patients in treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs) are not well...

Information technology to support improved care for chronic illness

December 2007

Background In populations with chronic illness, outcomes improve with the use of care models that integrate clinical information, evidence-based treatments, and proactive management of care.

The Prevalence of HIV-1 Infection Amoung Inpatients and Outpatients in Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care Systems: Implications for Screening Programs for HIV

December 2007

OBJECTIVES: We sought to determine the prevalence of HIV in both inpatient and outpatient settings in 6 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care sites.

Modeling human papillomavirus and cervical cancer in the United States for analyses of screening and vaccination

October 2007

BACKGROUND: To provide quantitative insight into current U.S.

Validation of Two Models to Estimate the Probability of Malignancy in Patients with Solitary Pulmonary Nodules

October 2007

Background: Effective strategies for managing patients with solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN) depend critically on the pre-test probability of malignancy.

Asthma Control, Severity, and Quality of Life: Quantifying the Effect of Uncontrolled Disease

August 2007

Background: Current practice guidelines emphasize the importance of attaining asthma control.

Clinical Reminders Attached to Echocardiography Reports of Patients with Reduced Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Increase Use of Beta-Blockers: A Randomized Trial

June 2007

Background: Although beta-blockers are known to prolong survival for patients with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction, they are often underused.


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