International Development

International Development

FSI researchers consider international development from a variety of angles. They analyze ideas such as how public action and good governance are cornerstones of economic prosperity in Mexico and how investments in high school education will improve China’s economy.

They are looking at novel technological interventions to improve rural livelihoods, like the development implications of solar power-generated crop growing in Northern Benin.

FSI academics also assess which political processes yield better access to public services, particularly in developing countries. With a focus on health care, researchers have studied the political incentives to embrace UNICEF’s child survival efforts and how a well-run anti-alcohol policy in Russia affected mortality rates.

FSI’s work on international development also includes training the next generation of leaders through pre- and post-doctoral fellowships as well as the Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program.

Recent Scholarly Publications

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The fog of development: evaluating the Millennium Villages Project

August 2018

 Shira Mitchell and colleagues' endline evaluation of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) in The Lancet Global Health marks an important chapter in our understanding of Africa’s meandering path...

Improving the global health workforce crisis: an evaluation of Global Health Corps

November 2015

Efforts to address the global healthcare workforce crisis focus heavily on traditional service providers such as physicians and nurses.

Body weight of Italians: the weight of Education

December 2014

Girls' education and HIV risk: Evidence from Uganda

December 2013

The Gorbachev Anti-Alcohol Campaign and Russia's Mortality Crisis

December 2013

Political and economic transition is often blamed for Russia’s 40% surge in deaths between 1990 and 1994 (the “Russian Mortality Crisis”).

Optimal Screening Policies for Childhood Obesity

December 2012

Scientific evidence alone is not sufficient basis for health policy

December 2012

Impact of immunosuppression on the development of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) viremia after pediatric liver transplantation

December 2012

Background: Pediatric liver transplant patients are at increased risk of post transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD) from Epstein Barr virus (EBV) infection or reactivation after...

HIV Development Assistance and Adult Mortality in Africa

December 2012

Context  The effect of global health initiatives on population health is uncertain.

Determinants of Adverse Events in Vascular Surgery

December 2012

AbstractBACKGROUND:Patient safety is a national priority. Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) monitor potential adverse events during hospital stays.

Assessment of health literacy and numeracy among Spanish-speaking parents of young children: Validation of the Spanish parental health literacy activities test (PHLAT Spanish)

December 2012

Objective: To assess the health literacy and numeracy skills of Spanish-speaking parents of young children and to validate a new Spanish language health literacy assessment for parents, the Spanish...

The New Demographic Transition: Most Gains in Life Expectancy Now Realized Late in Life

June 2012

The share of increases in life expectancy realized after age 65 was only about 20 percent at the beginning of the 20th century for the United States and 16 other countries at comparable stages of...

Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

January 2012

Poverty, Global Health, and Infectious Disease: Lessons from Haiti and Rwanda

December 2011

Teaching Taboo Topics through Technology

December 2011

Inflammatory bowel disease-attributable costs and cost-effective strategies in the United States: a review.

December 2011

The United States spends more for healthcare than any other country in the world.

Design elements in implementation research: A structured review of child welfare and child mental health studies

December 2011

AbstractImplementation science is an emerging field of research with considerable penetration in physical medicine and less in the fields of mental health and social services.

Advancing a conceptual model of evidence-based practice implementation in public service sectors

December 2011

Abstract Implementation science is a quickly growing discipline.

Health Care Spending Risk, Health Insurance, and Payment to Health Plans

December 2011

AbstractThis chapter will deal with the actual and efficient functioning of health insurance in settings where risk (expected value) of medical spending or insurance benefits varies across...

Health system determinants of infant, child and maternal mortality: A cross-sectional study of UN member countries

December 2011

Abstract (provisional)ObjectiveFew studies have examined the link between health system strength and important public health outcomes across nations.

Improving early literacy promotion: A quality-improvement project for reach out and read

December 2011

AbstractBACKGROUND:The Reach Out and Read (ROR) program promotes early literacy as part of pediatric primary care through the distribution of children's books and anticipatory guidance duringearly...

The role of theory in research to develop and evaluate the implementation of patient safety practices

December 2011

Abstract Theories provide a way of understanding and predicting the effects of patient safety practices (PSPs), interventions intended to prevent or mitigate harm caused by healthcare or risks of...


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