FSI's research on the origins, character and consequences of government institutions spans continents and academic disciplines. The institute’s senior fellows and their colleagues across Stanford examine the principles of public administration and implementation. Their work focuses on how maternal health care is delivered in rural China, how public action can create wealth and eliminate poverty, and why U.S. immigration reform keeps stalling. 

FSI’s work includes comparative studies of how institutions help resolve policy and societal issues. Scholars aim to clearly define and make sense of the rule of law, examining how it is invoked and applied around the world. 

FSI researchers also investigate government services – trying to understand and measure how they work, whom they serve and how good they are. They assess energy services aimed at helping the poorest people around the world and explore public opinion on torture policies. The Children in Crisis project addresses how child health interventions interact with political reform. Specific research on governance, organizations and security capitalizes on FSI's longstanding interests and looks at how governance and organizational issues affect a nation’s ability to address security and international cooperation.

Recent Scholarly Publications

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Elective and Isolated Carotid Endarterectomy: Health Disparities in Utilization and Outcomes, but not Readmission

May 2007

Background: Carotid endarterectomy (CEA) has been shown to decrease future ischemic stroke risk in selected patients.

Who Shall Live? Health, Economics, and Social Choice

December 1998

In this classic book, Professor Victor Fuchs draws on his deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of economics and his intimate knowledge of health care institutions to help readers...

Economics, Values, and Health Care Reform

March 1996

Institutions and Organizations

December 2001

A best seller in its first edition, Institutions and Organizations has been thoroughly revised and expanded.

Organizational Performance: Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness

December 1997

This book presents cutting edge thinking on the management of health care organizations.

Decreasing Variation in Medical Necessity Decision Making

August 1999

Medical Necessity was not a problematic issue when remote third party payers rarely challenged physicians' decisions and reimbursed physicians for whatever procedures they chose to order and...

Inpatient treatment of diabetic patients in Asia: evidence from India, China, Thailand and Malaysia

October 2009

Aims The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) has grown rapidly, but little is known about the drivers of inpatient spending in low- and middle-income countries.

A Collection of Articles on U.S. Health Reform

January 2010

A collection of core faculty Victor Fuchs' articles on actions needed for meaningful health care reform in the United States.Eliminating "Waste" in Health CareFour Health Care Reforms for 2009Cost...

History and Principles of Managed Competition, The

December 1993

Managed competition in health care is an idea that has evolved over two decades of research and refinement.

Health Care and Information Technology: Growing Up Together

December 2000

Can Health Care Reform Survive the Smoke-Filled Room?

December 1994

Problems in Gaining Access to Hospital Information

July 1991

If a person were faced with a medical problem requiring a risky operation, it would be natural, even prudent, for that person to want to know the comparative experience with the procedure (as shown...

Managed Care Backlash: Unrealistic Expectations Born of Defective Institutions, The

October 1999

Comparing Hospital Quality at For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Hospitals

December 2000

In recent years, the hospital industry has been undergoing massive change and reorganization with technological innovations and the spread of managed care.

Medical Liability, Managed Care, and Defensive Medicine

February 2000

Because the optimal level of medical malpractice liability depends on the incentives provided by the health insurance system, the rise of managed care in the 1990s may affect the relationship...

Effects of Health Care 'Report Cards' on Health Care Providers, The

December 1999

Health care report cards - public disclosure of patient health outcomes at the level of the individual physician and/or hospital - may address important informational asymmetries in markets for...

Policy Analysis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening and Intervention: An Overview of Modeling Approaches

December 1990

Screening Women of Childbearing Age for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: A Model-Based Policy Analysis

December 1993

Policy Analysis of Preventive HIV Interventions Targeted to Adolescents

January 1996

Economic Evaluations of HIV Screening

December 1998

This timely volume provides a state-of-the-art review of all research to date on evaluating the cost-effectiveness of HIV prevention programs.

Thrombotic and Cardiovascular Complications Related to Non-ionic Contrast Media during Cardiac Catheterization: Analysis of 8517 Patients

December 1990

Economic Evaluation of Low Osmolality Contrast Media

December 1993


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