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Optimal Screening Policies for Childhood Obesity

December 2012

Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

January 2012

Teaching Taboo Topics through Technology

December 2011

Design elements in implementation research: A structured review of child welfare and child mental health studies

December 2011

AbstractImplementation science is an emerging field of research with considerable penetration in physical medicine and less in the fields of mental health and social services.

Advancing a conceptual model of evidence-based practice implementation in public service sectors

December 2011

Abstract Implementation science is a quickly growing discipline.

Advancing the science of patient safety

December 2011

AbstractDespite a decade's worth of effort, patient safety has improved slowly, in part because of the limited evidence base for the development and widespread dissemination of successful patient...

What context features might be important determinants of the effectiveness of patient safety practice interventions?

December 2011

Abstract BACKGROUND: Differences in contexts (eg, policies, healthcare organisation characteristics) may explain variations in the effects of patient safety practice (PSP) implementations.

Inferring model parameters in network-based disease simulation

December 2011

Abstract Many models of infectious disease ignore the underlying contact structure through which the disease spreads.

Science as superstition: selecting medical students

December 2010

The effects of competition on assisted reproductive technology outcomes

December 2010

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the relationship between competition among fertility clinics and assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment outcomes, particularly multiple births.

Insurance mandates, embryo transfer, outcomes - the link is tenuous

December 2010

Abstract To examine the relationship between state insurance mandate status and the number of embryos transferred in assisted reproductive technology cycles, we conducted a retrospective analysis...

Designing an automated clinical decision support system to match clinical practice guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic pain

December 2010

Abstract Background Opioid prescribing for chronic pain is common and controversial, but recommended clinical practices are followed inconsistently in many clinical settings.

Interventions aimed at decreasing obesity in children younger than 2 years: A systematic review

December 2010

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To assess the evidence for interventions designed to prevent or reduce overweight and obesity in children younger than 2 years.

Defining and Measuring Successful Emergency Care Networks: A Research Agenda

December 2010

The demands on emergency services have grown relentlessly, and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has asserted the need for “regionalized, coordinated, and accountable emergency care systems...

Child Health Policy: Where Are You When We Need You?

October 2010

There used to be something called child health policy.

Comparative Effectiveness of Recombinant Factor VIIa for Off-label Indications Versus Usual Care

May 2010

This report evaluates the level of evidence currently available to support the effectiveness and safety of using recombinant activated coagulation factor VII (rFVIIa) for clinical indications not...

Desalination of the American Diet: Population Strategies to Decrease Sodium Intake and the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease

March 2010

Background: Sodium consumption raises blood pressure, increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke.

Evaluation of the Acceptability and Usability of a Decision Support System to Encourage Safe and Effective Use of Opioid Therapy for Chronic, Noncancer Pain by Primary Care Providers.

March 2010

Abstract Objective.

Population Strategies to Decrease Sodium Intake and the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

March 2010

Background: Sodium consumption raises blood pressure, increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke.

A Collection of Articles on U.S. Health Reform

January 2010

A collection of core faculty Victor Fuchs' articles on actions needed for meaningful health care reform in the United States.Eliminating "Waste" in Health CareFour Health Care Reforms for 2009Cost...

The influence of economic incentives and regulatory factors on the adoption of treatment technologies: A case study of technologies used to treat heart attacks

December 2009

Abstract The Technological Change in Health Care Research Network collected unique patient-level data on three procedures for treatment of heart attack patients (catheterization, coronary artery...

Can an Infectious Disease Genomics Project ‘Predict and Prevent’ the next Pandemic?

December 2009

The world of genomics is transforming medicine, and is likely to influence the future development of new drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines.

Optimal Investment in HIV Prevention Programs: More Is Not Always Better

December 2009

This paper develops a mathematical/economic framework to address the following question: Given a particular population, a specific HIV prevention program and a fixed amount of funds that could be...

Aging in America in the Twenty-first Century: Demographic Forecasts from the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society

December 2009

Context: The aging of the baby boom generation, the extension of life, and progressive increases in disability-free life expectancy have generated a dramatic demographic transition in the United...