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Geographic variation in surgical outcomes and cost between the United States and Japan

September 2016

Objectives: Unwarranted geographic variation in spending has received intense scrutiny in the United States.

Japanese Universal Coverage: Evolution, Achievements and Challenges

December 2011

Safety and Efficacy of Extended-Duration Antiviral Chemoprophylaxis Against Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza

October 2009

Background: Neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs) are stockpiled internationally for extended use in an influenza pandemic.

Differences in Neonatal Mortality Among Whites and Asian American Subgroups: Evidence From California

January 2007

Objective: To obtain information about health outcomes in neonates in 9 subgroups of the Asian population in the United States.

Health Economics for 'Reform' (in Japanese)

July 2006

Criteria to evaluate research on health policy

December 2003

Factors Potentially Contributing to Health Expenditure Growth

September 2003

Pros and Cons of a Health Insurance System

August 2003

Criteria for Health Insurance Coverage: Externality

March 2003

Growth in Expenditures for Hospital Care for the Elderly: Cohort and Time Effects

December 2001

Issues in Health Care in the US and Japan

December 2001

Ethical Decision Making and Patient Autonomy: A Comparison of Physicians and Patients in Japan and the United States

December 2000

Financing Health Care for Elderly Americans in the 1990s

December 1994

Japanese and American economists assess the present economic status of the elderly in the United States and Japan, and consider the impact of an aging population on the economies of the two...