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Scholarly Publications

Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

January 2012

National Survey of Preventive Health Services in US Emergency Departments

November 2010

Study objective: We describe the availability of preventive health services in US emergency departments (EDs), as well as ED directors' preferred service and perceptions of barriers to offering...

A Model for Maternal Depression

August 2010

With the awareness of maternal depression as a prevalent public health issue and its important link to child physical and mental health, attention has turned to how healthcare providers can respond...

Other Publications

Multicenter Study of Preferences for Health Education in the Emergency Department Population

June 2010

Objectives: Emergency departments (EDs) are increasingly proposed as high-yield venues for providing preventive health education to a population at risk for unhealthy behaviors and unmet primary...


Kim Babiarz Research Scholar, CHP/PCOR