Scholarly Publications

Cost-effectiveness of an intensive telephone-based intervention for smoking cessation

December 2011

We calculated the incremental cost per quit of a telephone care intervention versus usual care using the provider's perspective.

Integrating tobacco cessation into mental health care for posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized, controlled trial

December 2010

Abstract CONTEXT: Most smokers with mental illness do not receive tobacco cessation treatment.

Using policy to increase prescribing of smoking cessation medications in VA

December 2010

Other Publications

CHP/PCOR Quarterly Update, Summer 2007 Issue

June 2007

This issue of CHP/PCOR's Quarterly Update covers news from the Spring 2007 quarter and includes articles about: the HIV/AIDS International Conference in St.

CHP/PCOR Quarterly Update, fall 2004 issue

October 2004

This issue of CHP/PCOR's quarterly newsletter covers news and developments from the summer 2004 quarter.


Socioeconomic Gradients in Health Among the Elderly in China

December 2022

This project studied the patterns of health and health care disparities across elderly and non-elderly in China, including the impact of earlier educational and public health interventions on...