Scholarly Publications

Catalog of dermatology utilities: a measure of the burden of skin diseases, A

March 2004

Utilities are measures of quality of life that reflect the strength of individuals' preferences or values for a particular health outcome.

U.S. Experience with Managed Care and Managed Competition, The

June 2000

To understand "managed care," one needs to understand the traditional model of health care organization and finance that managed care was intended to replace.

Quality of life and time trade-off utility measures in patients with coronary artery disease

January 2003

Contemporary clinical trials commonly measure quality of life and medical costs to establish whether therapies are both effective and cost effective.


Economics, Modelling and Diabetes: The Mount Hood 2014 Challenge

June 18, 2014

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The Quantitative Genetic Architecture of Sex Differences in Longevity

September 2020

The aim of this project was to investigate the heritability of longevity and the relative contributions of selection on mean lifespan and sex-specific lifespan to human longevity.

Health Implication of Urbanization, Migration and Obesity in India

September 2020

Urbanization and obesity-related chronic diseases are cited as threats to the future health of India's older citizens.

Age related changes in the brain systems underlying intertemporal choice

Despite the fact that physical health and cognitive abilities decline with age, emotion regulation remains stable or improves across the adult lifespan.


Atella, Vincenzo BW3x4 Vincenzo Atella Adjunct Affiliate, CHP/PCOR