Scholarly Publications

Patient safety climate in 92 us hospitals differences by work area and discipline

December 2009

Abstract BACKGROUND: Concern about patient safety has promoted efforts to improve safety climate.

Relationship of safety climate and safety performance in hospitals

December 2009

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To examine the relationship between measures of hospital safety climate and hospital performance on selected Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs).

Identifying Organizational Cultures that Promote Patient Safety

October 2009

BACKGROUND: Safety climate refers to shared perceptions of what an organization is like with regard to safety, whereas safety culture refers to employees' fundamental ideology and orientation and...


Human health already suffers from climate change and the effects are getting worse, Stanford scholars say

February 2017

Stanford scholars across disciplines tell us what we can expect and how we can mitigate the effects of climate change on health.


Rethinking the Balance Between Future Obesity and Malnutrition with Climate Change

As India's middle class has expanded, the nation's public health concerns have shifted. Obesity rates have risen, coinciding with a surge in diabetes.