Scholarly Publications

To Comfort Always: Prospects of Expanded Social Responsibility for Long-Term Care

December 1996

Does government spend too little or too much on child care? How can education dollars be spent more efficiently? Should government's role in medical care increase or decrease?

Clinical Reminders Attached to Echocardiography Reports of Patients with Reduced Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Increase Use of Beta-Blockers: A Randomized Trial

June 2007

Background: Although beta-blockers are known to prolong survival for patients with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction, they are often underused.

Effects of Malpractice Pressure and Liability Reforms on Physicians' Perceptions of Medical Care, The

January 1997

We present four findings.

Other Publications

Comparative Effectiveness Research Prioritization

June 2009

Clinical research presents health care providers with information on the natural history and clinical presentations of disease as well as diagnostic and treatment options.


Causes and Consequences of Indoor Air Pollution: An Experimental Investigation in Bangladesh

Project background:The leading killer of children worldwide in 2004 was acute respiratory infections, accounting for 22 percent of all communicable child deaths.


Morton1 John Morton Associate Professor, Surgery