Population health

Scholarly Publications

Forecasting the Nursing Home Population

January 2003

Preventing Childhood Obesity: A Solution-Oriented Research Paradigm

December 2005

Past research has identified social and environmental causes and correlates of behaviors thought to be associated with obesity and weight gain among children and adolescents.

Potential Population Health Outcomes and Expenditures of HIV Vaccination Strategies in the United States

July 2009

Estimating the potential health benefits and expenditures of a partially effective HIV vaccine is an important consideration in the debate about whether HIV vaccine research should continue.


Follow our blog as Paul Wise works in rural Guatemala with malnourished children

March 2016

Follow our blog as Paul Wise and Stanford researchers head to rural Guatemala to work with malnourished children.

“Doctor Pablo’s” Children in Crisis Initiative creates app to improve child health

June 2016

A Stanford team has created a “nutrition surveillance” app that can help boost nutrition for children in some of the world’s poorest and most remote regions.


Health Implication of Urbanization, Migration and Obesity in India

August 2021

Urbanization and obesity-related chronic diseases are cited as threats to the future health of India's older citizens.

Guatemala Rural Child Health and Nutrition Program

The primary goal of the Guatemala Rural Child Health and Nutrition Program is to use the capacities of Stanford University to save young children’s lives in Guatemala and other areas of the world...