Scholarly Publications

Cyclicality, Mortality, and the Value of Time: The Case of Coffee Price Fluctuations and Child Survival in Colombia

December 2010

Recent studies demonstrate procyclical mortality in wealthy countries, but there are reasons to expect a countercyclical relationship in developing nations.

Contraception as Development? New Evidence from Family Planning in Colombia

June 2010

There has been considerable debate in the last decade about whether or not family planning programmes in developing countries reduce fertility or improve socio-economic outcomes.

High-Powered Incentives in Developing Country Health Insurance: Evidence from Colombia's Régimen Subsidiado

October 2009

Despite current emphasis on health insurance expansions in developing countries, inefficient consumer incentives for over-use of medical care are an important counterbalancing concern.


Rosenkranz Prize winner aims to understand a population’s health, one genetic ancestry line at a time

March 2014

Andres Moreno is piecing together the genetic medical history of understudied populations in Latin America and the Caribbean. His work is also leading to a deeper understanding of migratory patterns.


Health Insurance among the Elderly in Colombia

Relative to other age groups, the elderly are disproportionately likely to become seriously ill and to face burdensome medical expenditures.  Many middle-income countries like Colombia have begun...