Tara Templin

Tara Templin, MS

Pre-doctoral Student at Stanford Health Policy

Research Interests

Financial resource allocation and effectiveness across population health priorities; Transition from out-of-pocket to pooled health financing schemes; Simulation of panel data estimators implemented in high-performance computing environments


Tara Templin is a first year Health Policy PhD student specializing in Health Economics. Tara obtained her BA in Economics and Mathematics from Columbia University and her MS in Statistics from Stanford University.  Prior to Stanford, Tara was a research fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, working on health expenditure forecasts, tracking development assistance for health, and studying the effects of the epidemiological and demographic transitions in low- and middle-income countries. Her other previous research experience includes studying results-based financing mechanisms at the Center for Global Development and portfolio allocation modalities for the Global Fund. She hopes to apply her background to work studying the allocation and effectiveness of government expenditure and development assistance for health, as well as demand and supply side barriers to health care.