Peter Egedesø Madsen

Peter Egedesø Madsen

Visiting Scholar at the Center for Health Policy and Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research
PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Southern Denmark

117 Encina Commons, Room 182
Stanford, CA 94305

Research Interests

Health and human capital accumulation, economic history, economic growth and development


Peter Egedesø Madsen is a PhD candidate in economics from University of Southern Denmark visiting the Stanford Center for Health Policy / Primary Care and Outcomes Research in the spring and summer of 2017. The visit is sponsored by Professor Grant Miller.

Madsen’s research focuses on the historic decline in infectious diseases observed in the 19th and early 20th century, and how health improvements affect economic productivity. Another research interest is in how public health interventions may affect inequality in health. He is currently working on how information and isolation mattered for the decline in tuberculosis in the pre-antibiotic era, and the long term effect of disaster relief on regional development and migration.