Meenadchi (Meena) Chelvakumar

Meenadchi (Meena) Chelvakumar, MD, MPH

VA Health Services Research and Development Fellow at the Center for Health Policy and the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research
(847) 269-5252 (voice)

Research Interests

Primary Care Research Delivery; Women's Health; Family Planning - Long Acting Reversible Contraception


Meena is a family medicine physician by training and completed her residency at the University of Washington in Seattle in 2016. Prior to medical school she completed her MPH at the University of Michigan in Health Behavior and Health Education with a concentration in Reproductive Health. While attending medical school at the University of Illinois in Chicago she worked with a local organization that provided subsidized housing to formerly homeless women to develop a health education and community outreach program which continues to this day and is led by current medical students. After starting residency Meena's clinical interests focused more on factors directly affecting healthcare delivery in the outpatient setting. To this end she conducted an internal quality improvement project at her continuity clinic where she looked at clinic wait times for patients in various provider panels and also trialed a novel scheduling template which in its pilot led to improved provider timeliness and positive patient feedback. Meena also worked with the King County Juvenile Detention Center to assess detainees' attitudes towards their current contraceptive options. The data from this assessment was used to work with clinical staff at the detention center to set up a referral system for women to receive long-acting contraception at the county hospital if they so desired, a service which had not been available to them prior to this.

Meena's research interests include outpatient access for women to full spectrum family planning services and the integration of gender-specific health services into primary care for all women