Kyueun Lee

Kyueun Lee, MS

Pre-doctoral Student at Stanford Health Policy

Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University
Redwood Building, T261
Stanford, CA 94305-5405

(650) 724-5325 (voice)

Research Interests

Kyueun's research interests include using mathematical models to formulate the high burden of infection-associated types of cancers in developing countries. In particular, she is interested in model-based cost-effectiveness analysis of cancer interventions in South or Southeast Asia where the risks of communicable and non-communicable diseases compete under limited resources.


Kyueun is a PhD student in the Department of Health Research and Policy at Stanford University. She received her BS in Life Science from Pohang University of Science Technology, South Korea in 2012. During her training in basic science, she participated in a medical research to evaluate the efficacy of anti-cancer drug targeting ovarian cancer. After the graduation, she discovered her interest in the health policy and studied health services and research at the University of Minnesota during her MS degree. Prior to joining Stanford University, Kyueun worked as an research assistant at Harvard Center for Health Decision Science. She has worked on projects related to evaluating cervical cancer screening strategies in developing countries.