Hau Liu

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Hau Liu, MD, MPH, MBA

  • Associate Chief of Endocrinology, Co-Director of Chronic Care Management at Valley Medical Center, San Jose
  • Stanford Health Policy Trainee (former)
  • Stanford Health Policy Adjunct Affiliate

Stanford Health Policy
Stanford University
117 Encina Commons
Stanford, CA 94305-6019

(650) 725-4763 (voice)
(650) 723-1919 (fax)


Hau Liu is a CHP/PCOR trainee participating in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Fellowship in Health Care Research and Policy, as he pursues a master's degree in Health Research and Policy at Stanford and also completes a clinical fellowship in endocrinology. His research focuses on evaluating diagnostic and treatment strategies in the areas of endocrinology and aging, with a particular focus on osteoporosis, as well as evaluating surveillance systems for bioterrorism.

His research on the cost-effectiveness of an emerging drug treatment for osteoporosis (teriparatide), was recently accepted for publication, as was another project (led by CHP/PCOR trainee Smita Nayak) on the accuracy of calcaneal ultrasound to identify patients with osteoporosis. He recently completed a meta-analysis on the use of human growth hormone as an anti-aging strategy for healthy elderly people. He previously conducted research on the use of a saliva test to screen male diabetic veterans for Cushing's Syndrome, and on the regionalization of bioterrorism preparedness and response (led by Dena Bravata).

Liu's professional experience includes working as a management consultant for Booz-Allen and Hamilton in New York and Deloitte Consulting in New Jersey. His recent honors include receiving a GlaxoSmithKline Endocrinology Scholar Award from the American Federation for Medical Research, and the Lee Lusted Student Prize at the Society for Medical Decision Making annual meeting, both in 2005. He received a BA in East Asian Studies from Harvard; an MD, MPH and MBA from Columbia University; and completed an internal medicine residency at Stanford.