Eva Enns

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Eva Enns, MS

CHP/PCOR Stanford University 117 Encina Commons Stanford, CA 94305-6019
(650) 723-8309 (voice)
(650) 723-1919 (fax)


Eva Enns is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.  Her research is concerned with the application of mathematical, economic, and systems analysis to problems in health policy, health operations, and medical decision making.  In her dissertation work, she has focused the influences of network structure and contact patterns on the spread of infectious disease and the implications this may have for disease control policies.

Using network models, she worked with other CHP/PCOR affiliates in evaluating the potential impact of reducing concurrent sexual partnerships on the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, demonstrating that mass media campaigns targeting the behavior are likely to be highly cost-effective.  She is currently investigating how knowledge of network structure could be leveraged to optimally target health interventions.

She received an SB degree in electrical engineering from MIT (2006) and an MS degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University (2008).  She is a recipient of the Henry Ford II Award, the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, the National Science Foundation Graduation Fellowship, and the Rambus Inc. Stanford Graduate Fellowship.