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Task Force now believes some men should consider prostate cancer screening

May 2018

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is now recommending that men aged 55 to 69 talk to their physicians about whether to get the PSA test for prostate cancer.

The collision of civil war and threat of global pandemics

October 2017

There are 30 civil wars underway around the globe, where civilians are dealing with death and destruction as well as public health emergencies exacerbated by the deadly march of conflict.Yemen is...

Home dialysis for end-stage kidney disease is on the rise

May 2017

End-stage renal disease makes up 7.2 percent of Medicare spending, even though those patients represent less than 1 percent of the Medicare population, according to a database that tracks chronic...

Non-communicable disease could cost $47 trillion by 2030

March 2017

Non-communicable diseases such as heart and respiratory disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes are now responsible for some two-thirds of premature deaths around the world.

Closing the gap between rich and poor in developing countries

December 2016

The health gap between rich and poor children in developing countires is staggeringly high, but Assistant Professor of Medicine Eran Bendavid found that it is shrinking.

Scientists call for an end to devastating worm diseases in the developing world

November 2016

Stanford researchers and a host of distinguished colleagues urge the World Health Organization to develop sweeping new guidelines to help end parasitic worm diseases, one of the world’s most...

Rosenkranz Prize Symposium celebrates young Stanford researchers improving health in developing countries

September 2016

The Rosenkranz Prize Symposium celebrated research projects that address the health care needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Rosenkranz Prize winner to launch microbiome research project in Africa

July 2016

Ami S. Bhatt is this year's winner of the Rosenkranz Prize, which she will use to help launch a microbiome research project in Africa.

To fight superbugs, fight poverty

May 2016

On May 26, 2016, researchers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center reported the first case of what they called a “truly pan-drug resistant bacteria.” By now, the story has been well...

A global pandemic is inevitable, yet we are woefully unprepared

March 2016

The threat of a pandemic claiming millions of lives and devastating economies around the world is as serious as the potential perils of global climate change, renowned economist Larry Summers told...

Is proposed ban on smoking in public housing fair and just?

November 2015

A new federal proposal would ban smoking in public housing homes — a move that could impact some 1.2 million households across the nation.Cigarette smoking kills 480,000 Americans each year, making...

World Bank chief presents plan to end extreme poverty, prevent pandemic

November 2015

Stanford students belong to the first generation that could witness the end of extreme global poverty – in what would be one of humankind's greatest achievements – the head of the World Bank said...

Copayments appear tied to antimicrobial resistance

July 2015

The increasing resistance to antimicrobial drugs is a growing public health concern, particularly in low- and middle-income countries that require high out-of-pocket payments for prescription drugs.

Finding the sweet spot to regulate sugary drinks

July 2015

Two Stanford public health law experts say one of biggest culprits of the obesity epidemic – on top of fast foods and our sedentary lifestyle – are sugary drinks.

In Ebola Crisis, Hope and Heroism

September 2014

Traditional drug repurposing, although successful in treating some diseases, still requires considerable time to identify candidate compounds and even more time to test them in clinical trials....


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