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Geoffrey Tso

Geoffrey Tso, MD

VA Medical Informatics Fellow at the Center for Health Policy and the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research

Research Interests

Clinical Informatics, Health Information Technology, Quality Improvement, Clinical Decision Support, Telemedicine


Dr. Geoffrey Tso is a Medical Informatics fellow at the Center for Innovation to Implementation (Ci2i) in the VA Palo Alto Health Care System and at the Center for Health Policy/Primary Care and Outcomes Research (CHP/PCOR) in the Stanford University School of Medicine. He has broad interests in clinical informatics that include clinical decision support systems, the uses and presentation of more personalized information in clinical practice, and telemedicine.

Dr. Tso graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and trained in Internal Medicine at Olive View-UCLA. Prior to starting his medical career, he graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and worked in Silicon Valley developing business intelligence and crowdsourcing tools for six years.

Dr. Tso continues to practice clinically and remains involved in resident education as an attending in the general internal medicine clinic at the Palo Alto VA.