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Stanford Health Policy welcomes Global Health Corps fellows for orientation

The inaugural 2009 Global Health Corps fellows came to Stanford this July for an intensive orientation program. At the conclusion of the two weeks, the 21 fellows left for a year of global health field work in Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Newark, NJ, and Boston, MA.

Stanford Health Policy hosted the fellows' orientation program, which included intensive courses in skill development, critical issues background, analysis of public service, personal reflection and community building. The program was also hosted by Stanford's new global health initiative, spearheaded by senior associate dean for global health Michele Barry.

"We're extremely pleased to be involved with Global Health Corps' orientation program," Stanford Health Policy executive director Kathryn McDonald said. "Our centers aim to foster meaningful global health work, and to provide thorough education in healthcare issues facing the world. GHC embodies this educational mission, and we enjoy encouraging such far-reaching programs."

This is Global Health Corps' first year. Its fellows will spend the next 11 months doing work with partner organizations across the globe, including the Clinton Foundation, Partners in Health, New Jersey's University of Medicine and Dentistry, Covenant House, the Southern African Center for Infectious Disease Surveillance and the Rwandan Health Ministry. Selected from thousands of applicants, the 21 fellows are an international mix of 20-somethings committed to improving equitable health access throughout the world.

The training included presentations by several Stanford Health Policy core members. Faculty Paul Wise spoke on "Health Interventions in Settings of Poverty: Tensions and False Choices," assistant professors Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert and Grant Miller presented with global health program director Nomita Divi on "Evaluating Healthcare Quality and Outcomes" and McDonald, Wise and Barry teamed up with political science professor Larry Diamond for a discussion on "Human Resources, Health, and Governance" panel, hosted by the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

Stanford alumnus Jonny Dorsey co-founded Global Health Corps with Charlie Hale and Andrew Bentley. Barbara Bush serves as the organization's president and Stanford alumnus Dave Ryan is Global Health Corps' executive director.